Rolling Paper

₨310.00 ₨ 210.00
Inclusive of all taxes
SMK Blue Cigarette Rolling Paper/Size - Regular (Pack of 5 Booklets)
₨ 370.00 ₨ 270.00
Inclusive of all taxes
SMK Green Cigarette Rolling Paper/Size -Regular 70MM (Pack of 5 Booklets)
₨ 390.00 ₨ 290.00
Inclusive of all taxes
Smoking Brown Regular Rolling Paper/Unbleached Paper (Pack of 5 Booklets)
₨ 385.00 ₨ 285.00
Inclusive of all taxes
Smoking Master (Silver) Regular Cigarette Rolling Paper (Pack of 5 Booklets)

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Sona Craft is a Manufacturer exporter of Cigarette Paper, Rolling paper and accessories, etc. We export mainly to European countries, Canada, the USA, and Australia. We offer these products at reasonable rates and deliver these within the promised time frame.

Rolling paper may be a specialty paper used for creating cigarettes (commercially factory-made filter cigarettes and singly created roll-your-own cigarettes). Rolling papers are packs of many cigarette-size sheets usually collapsed within a cardboard wrapper.

About Rolling Papers
Rolling Paper manufacturer may be a special quiet paper that enables you to manually roll your roll of tobacco furthermore as your dry herbs. Rolling papers were at first made from wood, however, these days rolling paper area units are created out of things like rice, hemp, wood pulp, and flax. currently, we have a tendency to even have seasoned rolling papers that are units of various flavors like chocolate, fruit flavor, bubble gum, etc. Rolling papers are available in totally different sizes and weights.

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Rolling Papers. Offered Rolling Papers Suppliers is manufactured using premium quality raw material and ultra-modern technology.

The first rolling paper was created in Alcoy, Spain, in 1764. Paper cigarettes became common within the last half of the nineteenth century, displacing the costlier cigars and cigarillos.

Cigarette paper is the envelope wrapping the tobacco. it's a special paper grade for industrial production and for hand roll of tobacco rolling. High-quality paper from chemical pulp is employed.

Cigarette paper along with different paper grades falls among a bunch of specialty papers distinguished by fulfilling specific options needed by their specific functions and use. Cigarette tissue - the envelope wrapping the tobacco.
Plug wrap paper , filter envelope paper - filter inner envelope.
Tipping paper - filter outside envelope, the mechanical association between the filter and also the rolling paper wrapping the tobacco.

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